1. 18 Jan, 2022 3 commits
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      Belonging to previous push. · 5294835a
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      Continued Refactor: · a79fa505
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       - Changed MotorControl Task Scheduling though relative sleep calls to wakeup calls from an external timer (Tim7). As should have been done from the beginning.
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      Initial Refactoring of Code. Focus on increasing readability and structuring: · c9c24063
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      - Focus on seperation of auto generated and written code through subfolders
      - Renaming of classes
         - MotorDriver -> VNH5019 (Specific motor shield driver)
      - Started to move global semantic enums out of nested class namespaces as to streamline their use (e.g, Units of speed, units of length, right/left rear wheel and so on)
      Based on initial misunderstanding of FreeRTOS preemptiveness, a rather unrealiable and complex data syncronisation mechanism was employed, which responsibility to uphold was placed solely on developers. This push implementes FreeRTOS mutexes in the wrapper AccessGuard class, which acts as a wrapper for data to be guarded by mutual exclusion between tasks.
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      PI regulator partly working: · 3eb4db60
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       - Fix error where ki_ in the regulator is set to zero (expected due to implicit integer conversion from float)
       - Decide upon speed input for regulator (m/s vs RPM)
       - Capture test data and compare with digital simulation
  9. 12 Aug, 2021 2 commits
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      Fixed PWM frequency. Was set to 200 Hz, much lower than the bandwidth of the... · 2d60720f
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      Fixed PWM frequency. Was set to 200 Hz, much lower than the bandwidth of the motors, and as such, should be seen as voltage pulses and not an average voltage across the motors.
      Changed the frequency to 20k matching the max PWM frequency of the VNH5019 motor driver.
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      Open loop response: · f6f643b8
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         - Subscrubtion to ackermann message mov_cmd, speed is assumed to PWM dutycycle
         - publishing rear_wheel_state as a point, this included x and y as direct encoder readings. z is the estimated speed.
      Restructured the code a bit, giving each periph type a seperate .h/.c file.
      Motors seem to have difficulity spinning as fast as stated in their documentation under no-load, investigating.
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      Added initial structure for shared resources across tasks in FreeRTOS. This is... · 74997f97
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      Added initial structure for shared resources across tasks in FreeRTOS. This is intended to be made as a singleton forcing the use of the desired non-block synchronisation mechanism. Reading up on the ARM architecture reference manual, 4 byte aligned words are atomic in their nature - the class will utilize this to ensure thread safety - for a single core system
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