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vunit Build
/usr/local/bin/ghdl -a --workdir=/builds/rimfaxe/vme_core/vunit_out/ghdl/libraries/vme --work=vme --std=08 -P/builds/rimfaxe/vme_core/vunit_out/ghdl/libraries/vunit_lib -P/builds/rimfaxe/vme_core/vunit_out/ghdl/libraries/osvvm -P/builds/rimfaxe/vme_core/vunit_out/ghdl/libraries/vme /builds/rimfaxe/vme_core/vunit_out/preprocessed/vme/vme_data_bus.vhd

=== Command output: ===
/builds/rimfaxe/vme_core/vunit_out/preprocessed/vme/vme_data_bus.vhd:757:34: missing ";" at end of statement

Compile failed
/usr/local/lib/python3.7/dist-packages/vunit/builtins.py:114: Warning: 'array_t' is deprecated and it will removed in future releases;use 'integer_array_t' instead
warn(arr_deprecation_note, Warning)
ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1
formal Build
SBY  6:58:20 [vme_cli_arb] base: ERROR: vhdl import failed.
SBY 6:58:20 [vme_cli_arb] base: finished (returncode=1)
SBY 6:58:20 [vme_cli_arb] base: job failed. ERROR.
SBY 6:58:20 [vme_cli_arb] summary: Elapsed clock time [H:MM:SS (secs)]: 0:00:00 (0)
SBY 6:58:20 [vme_cli_arb] summary: Elapsed process time [H:MM:SS (secs)]: 0:00:00 (0)
SBY 6:58:20 [vme_cli_arb] DONE (ERROR, rc=16)
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