Commit a8e810fd authored by Håkan Johansson's avatar Håkan Johansson
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Only check high 32 bits stability before accepting latch data if in MBLT mode.

parent c3919857
......@@ -590,8 +590,10 @@ begin
-- Howver, according to observation 2.47a, then data is
-- valid WITHIN 25ns.
if (n_wait = 0) then
-- Latched data stable
if (cur_data = l_data_r) then
-- Latched data stable; only check used bits
if (cur_data(31 downto 0) = l_data_r(31 downto 0) and
(transfer_mode /= MBLT or
cur_data(63 downto 32) = l_data_r(63 downto 32))) then
-- Slave only maintains data lines while
-- DS* asserted. They can be deasserted now.
vme_ds_n_o <= "11";
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