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\item I'm not a \LaTeX\ or Beamer prodigy, so stuff may break and be structured and designed unidiomatically.
\item The theme has not been developed in consultation with others at AU.
\item I have gotten substantial inspiration and re-used the Logo files from the other AU \LaTeX\ templates (see
\item This work is inspired by the existing AU Latex templates (see
\item Questions and comments can be submitted to \insertshortauthor\ or the repository.
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@
\footnotetext{See for more information}
\frame[fragile,AUClean]{Using with Overleaf}
\begin{frame}[fragile,AUClean]{Using with Overleaf}
\item Download
\item Unzip and upload to Overleaf project
......@@ -262,7 +262,6 @@ If you omit the slide title, it will be empty as well!
\item The command \verb=\insertinstitute= do not cooperate with \verb=\MakeUppercase=. Hence, \verb=\institute{department}= does not auto capitalize the department name. This needs to be done manually.
\item The \verb=\begin{description}= list is a bit sensitive to long descriptors. Consider just using a item list instead.
\item I have not yet figured out how to deliver this as a standalone package and solve issues related to installing AU Passate.
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