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## Installation and use
TODO: make installation and overleaf instructions
### Overleaf
If you want to use the beamer template with Overleaf you have to do the following:
- Download or clone this repository
- Copy all the files from the Overleaf folder into overleaf (remember the images folder if you want the sample to render)
- Set the Overleaf LaTeX compiler to XeLaTeX in the project menu
See this Overleaf [example project]( for reference
This method should also work for downloading and using the template as stand-alone locally. Mind you, you will have to dublicate the files for each presentation.
### Local system
- Install the [AU fonts] for all users
Remember to set the document class to `\documentclass[aspectratio=169]{beamer}` and theme `\usetheme{aarhusuniversity}`. See sample.tex or sample.pdf for more information.
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