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# bsc-shamir
Something something about bachelor and Shamir Secret Sharing
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We use Go modules to manage dependencies and as such our implementation requires Go version 1.12 or greater.
All dependencies are located in the `go.mod` file and are automatically installed when running the project.
The project can be build using the go tool chain.
Unit tests and benchmarks can be run using the following commands
go test bsc-shamir/\dots
go test -run NONE -benchmem -bench . bsc-shamir/election
The command line interfaces are in the `cmd` directory.
To run the server program, use
go run bsc-shamir/cmd/server
The default port is 27000, however another can be specified using `--port` flag.
To vote, use
go run bsc-shamir/cmd/vote
The vote can be specified using `-v` flag.
Because each voter can vote at most once, once should else set the certificate and key using `--key` and `--cert`.
## Certificate Authority
To support our implementation we have created a simple CA.
The is a command line tools, which can create a root certificate, `n` server and `m` voter certificates.
To create certificates run
go run bsc-shamir/cmd/ca --new -s n -c m
where `n` and `m` are the numbers of servers and voters respectively.
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