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moved directories to add more ws.. added slam and bridge for foxy and noetic

parent 1b81dc7f
[submodule "src/slam_toolbox"]
path = src/slam_toolbox
url =
[submodule "ros1_bridge_ws/src/ros1_bridge"]
path = ros1_bridge_ws/src/ros1_bridge
url =
branch = foxy
[submodule "ros1_ws/src/hector_slam"]
path = ros1_ws/src/hector_slam
url =
branch = noetic-devel
Subproject commit 3209bc77c77b072013b05bcc6690a24a6bd16aeb
Subproject commit 4b3c49f282c320a79b12770124cac8654bf99801
# Known Issues from 3.part software.
##### OpenGL issue when running gazebo in vmware
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