Commit 54ab68c8 authored by levi's avatar levi
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forgot merge conflict..

parent 5b76caa0
......@@ -25,15 +25,11 @@ class RabbitMQPublisher(Node):
<<<<<<< HEAD:src/rmq_publisher/rmq_publisher/
self.config = {"prefix_topic_name": True, "group_values_by_topic": True}
self.config = {
"prefix_topic_name": True,
"group_values_by_topic": True
>>>>>>> 81d364c1d272bc041d8c1bd9270e714dc3da0c30:src/rmq_bridge/rmq_bridge/
self.forward_this = {
"cmd_simple_control": {"type": Vector3, "fields": ["x", "y", "z"]},
"nearest_obstacle": {"type": Point, "fields": ["x", "y", "z"]},
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