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# Work Coordination Meeting - Week 50
# Work Coordination Meeting - Week 2
> Date: 13/01/2021
> Location: 5341-030 Turing Møderum (12)
> Participants:
> Participants: The awesome squad
## Agenda:
1. DTU Drobotti
1. Status
1. Refactoring the code rear wheels
2. Wheel odometry
3. Marvelmind paper
- Started, still gonna spend a bit more time before reviewing.
4. New 3d print for battery printed.
- There is a print, but a little bit messy, still calibrating. and making a new print.
5. Docker networking
- We spent more time on this / stuff works, so we leave it for now, even we experience nodes communication without being shown in the CLI.
- (levi) another solution would be to make an internal vpn server, the docker services would use for networking, so we don't experiences issues using bridged routing and multiple subnets, requires services on the robot to be containerized..
2. Odering Parts (see - section 1.2)
4. Next steps
1. Finish odometry implementation
2. Start on test robot sensor fusion package
## Notes
- We're gonna order new parts for our own 2nd robot, before we start making a guide for upgrading the DTU robot.
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