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## Brief overview of DRobotti V.2
- What is available on the Desktop Robotti:
- Speed measurements from wheel encoders
- Orientation (3D) IMU
- Position (GPS simulator, Marvelmind solution)
- Position / Orientation from scan matching of LIDAR
- To be added in the future:
- Steering angles for front wheels (no feedback as of yet)
## Goal of meeting
First off, goal of this is to get an idea of how to iterate upon the naive model
from bachelor project:
- Draw inspiration from a more complex model as used in this paper
- Is it feasible to use this model?
- Does it align with current goals for DRobotti? Or is it a feature branch?
## Questions for paper
First off:
- Input/output relation between tracking model and reference
- What is theta?
- Inner workings of model, is the source code uploaded somewhere for us to inspect?
- "Assume a constant longitudal velocity" - how would it a non-constant velocity impact the model?
- In extension, how would one go about modelling it?
- Our model, while simplistic, captured this from open loop measurements
- The dynamic model is derived using Newtons laws?
- Sec. 4.1: The orientation and position integrating 8 and 9 twice? I dont quite follow
- Which parameters where they tuning to match reference path? Only tire cornering stiffness?
- Sec. 4.2. "No different than a model identification problem".
- Inspiration in regards to acquiring data to indentify the model?
- Open loop reponse such as step, could this be useful?
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# Work Coordination Meeting - Week 25
> Date: 02/06/2021
> Location: 5341-030 Turing Møderum (12)
> Participants:
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