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# Work Coordination Meeting - Week 30
> Date: 29/06/2021
> Location: 5341-030 Turing Møderum (12)
> Participants:
## Agenda:
1. Desktop Robotti Status
1. Desktop Robotti is moving!
- Does not do anything else than move...
2. New wiring scheme determined
- To be implemented on one robot today
- Has an accompanying wiring diagram (No more blind guessing which wire is which!)
- Attached in this meeting folder and as png's below
- Level of documentation can be improved upon if needed
- Integrates the new MCU and motordriver on the DRobotti (without them dangling off the side)
- Removes RPI motor control plate (To save power and remove rendundant / non-grouned wires acting as anthennas)
- Removes RPI sensor extension plate (can be readded in the future ofcourse)
2. MiR250 Robots
1. Status
- Robot operation of Mir250 (The base) is working as intented.
- We can extract information through the mir driver and visualize the model.
2. Todos
- Mir250 driver, buffer issue / needs testing
- Testing the UR ros driver, this will overrule ER, but will in return provide rviz model of the arm, and ros interfacing. ``
- the arm model needs to be merged into mir model. ``
- data logging investigation..:
1. solution: recording via rosbags (500MB/10 mins)(all mir250 topics), use a generic rosbag to csv exporter
2. solution: we need to make a csv live exporter, the easy way in python..
![scenariocomponents](meetings/2021\_w30/1\_desktop\_robotti\_v.png "Physical and Digital Components")
![scenariocomponents](meetings/2021\_w30/stm32f446re\_pin\_connections.png "Physical and Digital Components")
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