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## Agenda:
1. Work Status
1. From last week
- RMQ ROS-node can send messages to RMQ FMU. Other way TODO
- Demonstrated EM-stop with marvelmind positioning
1. Marvelmind
- Upgraded to v7.1 everything working.
- Qt visualization
2. Docker
- Upgraded to v7.1 bought licenses - everything we need is working.
- ROS-driver can run without GUI dashboard
- Some cleanup still missing..
1. Dockerization
- Goal: have docker as the only major dependency for everything running on PC
3. RMQ FMU and RMQ ROS-node
1. Future Work, next few weeks
1. Wheel Odometry
- Implemented, but not integrated yet
1. SLAM based localisation:
- Supplement to MarvelMind (Localization is possible without SLAM, rationale for including this is to interface with established ros2 localisation/navigation stack)
- while the first milestone is to finish development of getting the rear wheels micro ros solution to provide a `nav_msgs/Odometry` data.
1. Movement Simulation Model
- Integrate Hausted's matlab scripts for parameter calculation into FMU initialization procedure
1. Demos
- Em-Stop
- RabbitMq
1. Holiday registration
- Working docker containers for everything ros-dependent
- Network configuration/service visibility issues
1. Roadmap / future work
- see diagram below
1. **Rear Wheel Odometry and IMU odometry**
- Implemented, but not integrated yet
1. **RabbitMQ ROS-Cosimulation Bridge**
- Finish RMQ ROS-Node consumption (inside rosnode=cannot block main process)
1. **Dockerize PC ROS Components**
1. **MarvelMind ROS UI/Visualizer**
- Extra map visualizer node for calibrating - qt?
1. **(EXT ROS) Position/Environment Handling**
- Integrate existing ROS packages for handling position and environment
- `slam_toolbox`, `robot_localization`
1. **Ansible RPi configuration.**
- Including updating from git.
- Prerequisites.
- Execution
- Handled through ansible..
1. Extra chair - who?
![robotroadmap](meetings/2021\_w44/robot\_roadmap\_2.png "Robot Roadmap 2")
## Notes
For rmqfmu `->` ros communication, look at `` for reference
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- Next meeting
- Recreate EM-stop
- Marvelmind requirement for mounts placing. / size
- test interface/ip binding for the application - else call for a meeting with the hardcore dudes
- Overview of communcation from sensors to slam?
- mm virtualization as fmu?
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% \markdownInput{meetings/2021_w32/}
% \markdownInput{meetings/2021_w34/}
% \markdownInput{meetings/2021_w42/}
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