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### Changes made to the Desktop Robotti V.2 due to incompatible components.
- Steering motors changed due to not producing enough torque to turn front wheels
- New steering motors was incompatible with old shaft couplers, therefore new ones added
- MCU changed due to being pin incompatible with the Motor Driver Shield
- Motor Shield changed due to not being rated for high enough current for the new motors (OBS: Søren bought the wrong motors on accident, these are actually rated for high enough current)
- New MCU uses usb mini instead of USB B (Not needed explicitly, one could route uart directly instead)
- Wiring scheme changed, wires used from labs at AU
Number of new parts
Old Equipment: New Equipment: available / needed New Stuff Buy Link:
- Arduino UNO Wifi - STM32F446RE Nucleo 3 / 2
- HS-422 Servo Motor - Sävox SC1256TG 2 / 4
- Servo Shaft Coupler - Servo shaft coupler Futaba standard to 1/4″ 2 / 4
- Arduino Motor Shield V.3 - Pololu Dual VNH5019 2 / 2
- USB-A to angled USB-B cable - USB-A to angled USB-Mini cable <TBD>
- Wires (multiple sizes) - Wires (multiple sizes) Elektronik Værkstedet @ Katrinebjerg
Desktop Robotti V.2 did not come equipped with sensors, besides wheel encoders:
- Environment sensing to be performed by a Lidar (same model as on DRobotti V.1)
- Robot orientation measured by IMU (same model as DRobotti V.1)
- Robot position measured using an off-the-shelf indoor positioning system by Marvelmind
Number of parts
Sensors: available / needed Buy Link:
- RPLIDAR A1 1 / 2
- Bosch BNO055 Adafruit Brakeoutboard 3 / 2
- Marvelmind Indoor Positioning Starter Set-MP-3D 1 / 1
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