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# Work Coordination Meeting - Week 48
> Date: 2/12/2021
> Location: 5341-030 Turing Møderum (12)
> Participants: Gill, Levi, Gita, Casper
## Agenda:
1. Demo
- Em stop with RMQ and docker
1. Status
1. Docker
- Networking fixed, we use a bridged solution. (by connecting to subnet gateway internally).
- MM-controller service now dockerized (only linux for now because of hardware dependency)
2. RMQ ROS bridge
- Publisher and subscriber updated and made fully configurable from outside the node(s)
- yaml config for specific scenario
3. Ansible
- Hostname, internal ansible controller packages + more cleanup implemented/fixed
- Rear motors deployment implemented - needs a bit more testing..
4. IMU
- mount board soldered
1. Next steps
- Infrastructure
- Only minor issues remaining regarding network config and global configuration
- Ansible robotti full deployment test on fresh image of all services.
- Dockerize fmus with ros-deps
- Localization/environment
- Wheel odometry
- Fixed setup with marvelmind stands?
- Lidar proximity detection for nearest obstacle (as in BSc project)
- Integrate existing ROS packages for localization and environment
- New components for 2nd robot.
## Notes
- Make demo video of scenario with cam and live data
- Scenario orchestrator? Master script?
- Update readmes
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