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# Work Coordination Meeting - Week 42
> Date: 07/10/2021
> Location: 5341-030 Turing Møderum (12)
> Participants: Gill, Levi, Gita
## Agenda:
1. Work Status
1. Marvelmind. We found, that the dashboard application is not based on the API, as described in prior releases, but the API is extracted from the dashboard app. The new API release from 29th September includes these last calls that we need but requires a firmware update to v7.1. This minor requires a license for each beacon device on 9 eur, in total 334 DKK for all beacons.
2. Docker??
3. SLAM based localisation is being worked on, while the first milestone is to finish development of getting the rear wheels micro ros solution to provide a nav_msgs/Odometry data.
2. Demo
3. Holiday registration
## Notes
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