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# Work Coordination Meeting - Week 30
> Date: 29/06/2021
> Location: 5341-030 Turing Møderum (12)
> Participants:
## Agenda:
1. Desktop Robotti Status
1. Desktop Robotti Catchup:
- Desktop Robotti is moving (also backwards now!)
- New wiring scheme and mounted most hardware now
- Servo motors mounted and wired
- STM32 F446RE mounted and wired (needs an angled usb micro cable)
- Motor driver board mounted
- Removed some HW from the Robot (that which was deemed incompatible)
- RPI motorplate not rated for high enough current for rear wheel motors
- Arduino motor shield not rated for high enough current for rear wheel motors
- Arduino uno Wifi incompatible with motor driver shield
- RPI DAQplate (GPIO extensions with ADC's) not needed as of yet
2. Current work is to extract data from new HW
- Initial data extraction is in the form of DRobotti Open Loop step response to movement commands
- Purely focus on speed response
- Data extraction allows for:
- Creating control algorithms for individual rear wheel speed control
- Updating Digital Twin Actuation Model
- Currently some issue has been encountered in the timestamping of data from the MCU producing speed measurements (encoders).
3. It would make sense to revisit the discussion about the digital twin model alignment once the actuation model has been updated
- As Hugo stated, a digital model driven by sensor data from the physical twin could potentially be the way to go?
- However, with Skjern showing coming up, currently we are working hard to just get the system to an operational state again....
1. Event on the 6. september
1. More info?
2. The target demo setup. Something like the following?
- Desktop robotti moves in response to human operation.
- Ideally with speed regulation, open loop if problems
- Marvelmind positioning
- INTO-CPS App runs on some screen somewhere.
- Data exchange via rabbitmq.
- Em-stop/safety-monitor setup, similar to BSc project
- Live graphs of safety flag/obstacle proximity
- Visualization of current state.
- Ideally embedded in INTO-CPS App. RViz fallback
2. MiR250 Robots
1. Status
2. Todos
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