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> Participants: Gita, Levi, Hausted
## Agenda:
1. Status
## Notes
3. Paper
- Network delay
- Automation of results ( add some event id to messages)
The theory is to implemented an identifier from an event being invoked thorough the system from simulation and onwards.
- Router
We need a router to minimize the delay. This will aswell extend the range of the robot control.
- Deeptech
Test on deeptech location, maybe with a fleet of two robots?
- Automation of tests
We need to ease the framework being used to test the FI scenarios, as they will be an baseline for doing such experiments.
- OSA (read mail)
- Dimenstions of the DR
- Record data of a zig-zag motion (using a signware as control input) (5 runs)
- Model Swapping
- Record data (maybe using the same data as for the OSA)
- Control input
- Position
- New kinematic model
- Using the same model with updated input parameters for DR v2
- As an alternative another kinematic bicycle model, than we use today, might be ideal, to prove the point of the solution?
## Notes
Note to Gills implementation of a single output FMU:
- RMQFMU requires external data to step, this can be any data..
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