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2. Docker
- Dockerfiles/compose for ROS-nodes running on pc working
- More advanced compose setup underway
3. RabbitMQ FMU and RabbitMq ROS-node
3. RMQ FMU and RMQ ROS-node
- RabbitMq ros node updated to be compatible with RabbitMq FMU v2.1.2
- Transmission from ROS to Cosim seems to works as it should
- (`seqno` requirement should be more clear/visible in readme)
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- Message structure, mapping to topics/fields
- Simple representative example for testing?
1. Future Work
1. Future Work, next few weeks
1. Wheel Odometry
- Implemented, but not integrated yet
1. SLAM based localisation:
- Supplement to MarvelMind (Localization is possible without SLAM, rationale for including this is to interface with established ros2 localisation/navigation stack)
- while the first milestone is to finish development of getting the rear wheels micro ros solution to provide a `nav_msgs/Odometry` data.
1. Movement Simulation Model
- Integrate Hausted's matlab scripts for parameter calculation into FMU initialization procedure
1. Demos
- Em-Stop
- RabbitMq
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## Notes
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