Commit a28bca6b authored by Gill Lumer-Klabbers's avatar Gill Lumer-Klabbers
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Square root of negative numbers are bad mkay

parent 9f52b2dc
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ class unifmuSafetyMonitor:
def fmi2DoStep(self, current_time, step_size, no_step_prior):
x_delta = self.robotti_xpos_input - self.obs_xpos_input
y_delta = self.robotti_ypos_input - self.obs_ypos_input
self.dist = sqrt(x_delta + y_delta)
self.dist = sqrt(abs(x_delta + y_delta))
if self.dist <= self.safety_dist:
self.flag = True
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