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Some further cleanups

Refactor proof of add_new_block_header and simplify add_block proof.
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......@@ -6,7 +6,6 @@ From SmartContracts Require Import Automation.
From Coq Require Import Eqdep_dec.
From Coq Require Import List.
From Coq Require Import Psatz.
From Coq Require Import JMeq.
From stdpp Require countable.
Import ListNotations.
From Coq Require Import Arith ZArith.
From Coq Require Import ZArith.
From Coq Require Import Permutation.
From Coq Require Import Morphisms.
From SmartContracts Require Import Blockchain.
From SmartContracts Require Import Oak.
From SmartContracts Require Import Monads.
......@@ -416,6 +417,36 @@ Proof.
Definition add_new_block_header
(header : BlockHeader)
(baker : Address)
(lc : LocalChain) : LocalChain :=
let add_block o :=
Some ((block_height header) :: (with_default [] o)) in
let lc := lc<|lc_blocks_baked ::= FMap.partial_alter add_block baker|> in
let lc := lc<|lc_header := header|> in
Lemma add_new_block_header_equiv header baker (lc : LocalChain) (env : Environment) :
EnvironmentEquiv lc env ->
(add_new_block_header header baker lc)
(Blockchain.add_new_block_header header baker env).
intros eq.
apply build_env_equiv; try apply eq.
apply build_chain_equiv; try apply eq; auto.
intros addr.
destruct (address_eqb_spec addr baker) as [addrs_eq|addrs_neq].
- subst.
rewrite FMap.find_partial_alter.
apply eq.
- rewrite FMap.find_partial_alter_ne; auto.
apply eq.
(* Adds a block to the chain by executing the specified chain actions.
Returns the new chain if the execution succeeded (for instance,
......@@ -438,10 +469,7 @@ Proof.
finalized_height := finalized_height; |} in
do validate_header new_header (lc_header lc);
do validate_actions actions;
let lc := lc<|lc_header := new_header|> in
let add_block o :=
Some ((block_height new_header) :: (with_default [] o)) in
let lc := lc<|lc_blocks_baked ::= FMap.partial_alter add_block baker|> in
let lc := add_new_block_header new_header baker lc in
execute_steps 10 actions lc depth_first in
......@@ -451,32 +479,16 @@ Proof.
destruct (validate_header _) eqn:validate; [|simpl in *; congruence].
destruct (validate_actions _) eqn:validate_actions; [|simpl in *; congruence].
match goal with
| [H: context[validate_header ?new _] |- _] => remember new as new_header
unfold constructor in *.
cbn -[execute_steps address_is_contract] in exec.
destruct lcb as [prev_lc_end prev_lcb_trace].
refine (Some {| lcb_lc := lc; lcb_trace := _ |}).
match goal with
| [H: context[execute_steps _ _ ?a] |- _] => remember a as lc_block_start
Hint Resolve validate_header_valid validate_actions_valid execute_steps_trace : core.
enough (ChainTrace lc_block_start actions) by eauto.
eapply ctrace_block with (baker0 := baker); eauto.
subst lc_block_start.
apply build_env_equiv; auto.
apply build_chain_equiv; auto.
intros addr.
destruct (address_eqb_spec addr baker) as [addrs_eq|addrs_neq].
- subst.
now rewrite FMap.find_partial_alter.
- rewrite FMap.find_partial_alter_ne; auto.
Hint Resolve
validate_header_valid validate_actions_valid
execute_steps_trace add_new_block_header_equiv
: core.
(* It is strange that this is necessary.. *)
Hint Extern 1 (EnvironmentEquiv _ _) => reflexivity.
eauto 6.
Global Instance lcb_chain_builder_type : ChainBuilderType :=
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