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Prove account balances are nonnegative

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......@@ -632,6 +632,14 @@ Proof.
cbn in *.
destruct_address_eq; congruence.
Lemma eval_amount_nonnegative : eval_amount eval >= 0.
Proof. now destruct eval. Qed.
Lemma eval_amount_le_account_balance :
eval_amount eval <= account_balance pre (eval_from eval).
Proof. now destruct eval. Qed.
End Theories.
Section Trace.
......@@ -993,6 +1001,29 @@ Proof.
contract_no_created_blocks; auto.
Lemma account_balance_nonnegative state addr :
reachable state ->
account_balance state addr >= 0.
intros [trace].
remember empty_state eqn:eq.
induction trace; subst; cbn; try lia.
specialize (IHtrace eq_refl).
- (* New block *)
unfold add_balance.
inversion valid_header.
destruct_address_eq; lia.
- (* Action evaluation *)
rewrite (account_balance_post eval addr).
pose proof (eval_amount_nonnegative eval).
pose proof (eval_amount_le_account_balance eval).
destruct_address_eq; subst; cbn in *; lia.
- now rewrite <- prev_next.
End Theories.
End Trace.
End Semantics.
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