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## Structure of the project
The [embedding](embedding/) folder contains the development of the embedding.
The [execution](execution/) folder contains the formalization of the smart
contract execution layer, which allows reasoning about interacting contracts.
The [extraction](extraction/) folder contains a printing procedure for the deep embedding into the Liquidity syntax. For extraction using MetaCoq's **certified erasure** see the [extract-cert](https://github.com/AU-COBRA/ConCert/tree/extract-cert) branch (requires [MetaCoq's fork](https://github.com/annenkov/template-coq) to compile).
## Notes for developers
The [execution](execution/) subproject can be built independently via running `make` in the `execution` folder. This also means that the `_CoqProject` file inside the `execution` folder musdt be manually kept in sync with the main `_CoqProject` in the root.