Commit 088cccf2 authored by thecml's avatar thecml
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fixed small bug in client for make models

parent 775541e3
......@@ -71,12 +71,14 @@ def main():
print("Making dataset with one-hot encoded ats ...")
print("\nCompleted generating datasets at:")
print(f"Interim data dictionary: {cfg.INTERIM_DATA_DIR}")
print(f"Processed data dictionary: {cfg.PROCESSED_DATA_DIR}\n")
print(f"Making 4 XGBoost models based on version: {dataset_version} ...\n")
print(f"Completed making models. Models and SHAP plots can be found at:\n" +
f"{cfg.COMPLETE_XGB_DIR}\n" + f"{cfg.COMPLIANCE_XGB_DIR}\n" +
f"{cfg.FALL_XGB_DIR}\n" + f"{cfg.FALL_TEST_XGB_DIR}" + "\n")
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