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......@@ -56,6 +56,8 @@ A repository for unpublished progress reports, notes, etc., written by members o
* Morten Vinther Lund, [A search for exotic decay modes on the proton drip-line - the cases of $^{20-21}$Mg](/Thesis_MVL.pdf), January 2016
* Jonas Refsgaard, [Resonances, R-matrix - Rotations in $^{12}$C?](/jonasRefsgaard.pdf), November 2016
* Michael Munch, [A Study of $^8$Be, $^{12}$C and $^{27}$Al with state-of-the-art detector arrays](/michael.pdf), October 2018
* Jesper Halkjær Jensen, [Experimental study of $^{10}$Li with low energy (d,p) reactions](/jesper_phd.pdf), August 2019
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