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# Mattermost@KERN
We have a group chat set up at [](
This can for example be used for remote discussion of technical issues at the 5 MV accelerator and similar.
## Registration
In order to register, [navigate here](
Currently there is a rudimentary filter on new user's email domains. Contact the Mattermost@KERN administrator, if your email domain is not on the list.
## Mattermost client
### Platforms
**Linux:** Available via [snapcraft]( Navigate to the bottom of the page, choose your Linux distribution, and follow the instructions on the resulting page.
**Mac:** Follow the instructions [here]( (Note: Availability via homebrew is also described in the link.)
**iOS:** Available in the App Store.
**Android:** Available on Google Play.
### Setup in Mattermost client
* Server Display Name: KERN \[or whatever you like\]
* Server URL:
## Mattermost@CERN
If you have a CERN account, it is also possible to join the group chat at IDS' Mattermost [here](
To set this channel up in the Mattermost client, use the following:
* Server Display Name: CERN \[or whatever you like\]
* Server URL:
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