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......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
* Make example with N:Z:E colour plot (see Uffe Bergmann) using matshow or pcolor or something else in matplotlib
* Make QBa:A figure
* Do TODO's in top of **, *dataprinter.cxx*, *expand-nuchart-QBxn-QBxp-QBa.cxx*, *expand-nuchart-QEC.cxx*, **
* Do TODO's in top of **, *expand-nuchart-QBxn-QBxp-QBa.cxx*, *expand-nuchart-QEC.cxx*, **
// TODO: give a general description of the program (block comment)
* This program prints an arbitrary number of variables (branches/leaves), stored in
* a ROOT tree in a ROOT file, along with an arbitrary number of criteria on the
* variables to stdout.
* The syntax for executing the program is:
* dataprinter filename treename [var1 var2 ... varN] [crt1 crt2 ... crtM]
* with 'filename' the name of the ROOT file,
* 'treename' the name of the tree in the ROOT file,
* 'var1', etc. the variables stored in the tree which are to be printed
* 'crt1', etc. the criteria on the variables (given as "C comparison strings").
* For example, given a ROOT file named 'nuchart.root' containing a tree named 'a' and
* with variables (among others) 'A', 'Z', 'QEC', 'QEC_est' we can run
* > dataprinter nuchart.root a A Z QEC QEC_est "A <= 70" "QEC >= 0"
* where the last two arguments, given as strings, makes it so the variables 'A', 'Z',
* 'QEC', 'QEC_est' are only printed to stdout for values of 'A' less than or equal to
* 70 and values of 'QEC' greater than or equal to zero.
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
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