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Now stuff compiles

parent d6bd180b
......@@ -109,8 +109,10 @@ PeakPositions GaussianMultiPeakFinder::findPeaks(TH1& histogram, const Source& s
GaussianMultiPeakFinder::GaussianMultiPeakFinder(std::unique_ptr<PeakFinder> inner, double rangeMultiplier, size_t nPasses)
: inner(move(inner)), nPass(nPasses), rangeMultiplier(rangeMultiplier), nTails(0), verbose(false)
{ }
: inner(move(inner)), nPass(nPasses), nTails(0), verbose(false)
setRangeMultiplier(rangeMultiplier, rangeMultiplier);
GaussianMultiPeakFinder::Estimate GaussianMultiPeakFinder::estimateSlope(const std::vector<double>& x, const std::vector<double>& y, const std::vector<double>& err) {
TGraphErrors g(x.size(),,, nullptr,;
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