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......@@ -8,13 +8,20 @@ The following steps for installing sortem can be done through conda or pip. The
**3) now install the gui** pip install tensorflow-addons==0.11.2 appjar
**4) download the repository**: git clone
**4) go into anaconda environmental directory**: cd ${CONDA_PREFIX}
**4) go into directory**: cd sortem
**5) download the repository**: git clone
**5) install the requirements**: conda install --file requirements.txt
**5) Add sortem executable to conda-envs PATH**: ln -s ../sortem/sortem bin/.
**6) Create a file called sortem**: touch sortem
**7) write this into sortem file**:
python3 ${CONDA_PREFIX}/sortem/ $@
**8) make the sortem file executable**: chmod 755 sortem
**6) install the GUI**: pip install appjar
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