Commit 642c2366 authored by LDalby's avatar LDalby
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Adjust to new naming of almass version file

parent 8ab94439
......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ walk2(.x = summarized_remote, .y = path(current, jobs), scp_download, session =
ti <- "/home/ldalby/workspace/Goose/RunDirectory/TIALMaSSConfig.cfg"
cmd_line <- "/home/ldalby/workspace/Goose/RunDirectory/almass_cmdline"
almass_version <- path(res_path_remote, "almass-version.txt")
almass_version <- path(res_path_remote, glue("{jobs}_almass-version.txt"))
# TIALMaSS.cfg and almass_cmd
scp_download(session, ti, to = current)
scp_download(session, cmd_line, to = current)
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