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Collections and Roles can be used across different versions of Ansible, but if you need special versions or want to isolate some, that don't work with certain versions of Ansible, then it would make sence to isolate them in their own folders.
Install Ansible Lint
[Ansible Lint]( helps "linting" the yaml files as well as jinja2 templates.
(ansible2.9.6)$ python3 -m pip install "ansible-lint[community,yamllint]"
Deactivate a Python virtual environment
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Python virtual environments give you the freedom to test whatever version of modules, plugins, and Python packages you need. That includes vital sysadmin software like Ansible, so you can test new Ansible features without disturbing your system install.
Note for users of the VS Code editor
There is a [VS Code plugin for Ansible](
Modified from: [Source](
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Modified from: [Source](
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